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First, we are locally owned and managed. Decisions are made by people who know you, and care about your needs. We are your neighbors.  Employees of Iowa State Bank are involved in community organizations and events, and our kids go to the same schools yours do.  As a result, you gain from our knowledgeable and responsive service and true understanding of what this community needs.  We know our success depends on the success of our community and our customers.  Your deposits in the bank are invested back into the community in the form of business, Ag and residential loans that help create jobs and strengthen our economy.


Second, our mission is to help you attain financial success.  At Iowa State Bank it begins with the customer.  We take the time to get to know you and develop a long-term relationship.  Our products and services are tailored to meet your needs.  Our business centers around lending to consumers, small businesses and farmers.  We have the resources and technology to offer big bank like products and services, but are small enough to know you by name.  We make decisions based upon a person’s character, not the cookie cutter criteria used by many larger banks.


Third, there is on-site control over all services, products, loan approvals, and interest rates. We can do loan approvals and set our rates and fees right here. Unlike a large nationwide bank, we are a small business ourselves. We don't have to get approvals from a corporate office somewhere else.  And we don't have the bureaucracy or overhead that big banks do, so we can pass the savings on to you.  Whether your business needs to refinance its building or buy equipment, or your child needs their first home mortgage, we are here to help.  We are never too busy, never too important to listen to your needs.